Semaglutide (Ozempic) 5mg vial (no water)


SEMAGLUTIDE is a new and very efficacious appetite suppressant that has commonly  been used by diabetics to assist with weight management, and is now gaining popularity as a game changing fat loss drug. This glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1 receptor agonist) can be used on its own, or alongside traditional fat loss drugs, that target fat loss via a different mechanism of action (ie. stimulants/dopaminergics). One weekly micro dose is all that’s needed for innocuous long-term fat loss.



SEMAGLUTIDE is categorized as a GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) receptor agonist drug, conventionally used by diabetics as an appetite suppressant to help with managing weight loss. Most people know Semaglutide by its common pharmaceutical names; Ozempic, Rybelsus (oral form), or Weygovy. These “diabetic” drugs work amazingly well, with minimal adverse side effects, at managing fat loss via appetite suppression. The adverse effects are few and far between, making this compound fairly innocuous and side-effect free for most people, even while using it with other drugs. The most common adverse side effect being nausea, which is dose dependent, and controllable by gradually titrating up the desired dosage.


Semaglutide administration should start at a low dosage and titrate up to a maximum dosage of 2.5 mg/week, via one weekly injection. It functions by inhibiting the release of glucagon, which suppresses appetite, increases insulin secretion (and insulin sensitivity), slows gastric emptying and the absorption of nutrients via food intake. This drug has also gone through numerous clinical studies, the most relevant being the study where both diabetics and non-diabetics used Semaglutide at the Wegovy dosage of 2.4 mg per week, and lost an average of 30 pounds in 6-8 weeks.


NOTE: There is no “miracle” fat loss drug or diet. To properly lose weight (ideally body fat, not muscle and/or water) requires a healthy diet where you remain in a calorie deficit (consuming fewer daily calories than you expend). Sufficient weekly exercise (via weight training and cardio) is also required to both build muscle and expedite fat loss. Getting adequate recovery and sleep (7-9 hours per night) is equally important. Supplementation of essential vitamins/minerals, and the addition of thermogenic and anabolic drugs will greatly enhance fat loss. All of these factors are equally important for optimal health, wellness, anabolism and fat loss. If you are lacking in any area, your efforts can fail. Remember that long term consistency will help you reach and sustain your goals.



  • Powerful appetite suppressant
  • Increases insulin secretion & sensitivity
  • Slows gastric emptying
  • Inhibits the release of glucagon
  • Increases the number of beta cells within the pancreas
  • Can be used with other fat loss drugs
  • Generally safe & well tolerated by most people
  • Clinically studied and very efficacious for weight loss


Terminal Half-life:

  • 7 days


Possible Dosage & Cycle Length:

  • Men/Women @ 0.25-2.5 mg/week (one weekly injection), titrated up in dosage from 0.25 mg (to assess tolerance), by 0.25 mg/weekly, up to a maximum dosage of 2.5 mg/week. Can be run long term at a tolerable dosage.


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