DHB (1-Test Cyp) 100mg/ml, 10ml


DHB manufactured by OxygenPharm is an Injectable Steroid known as Dihydroboldenone. From a structural aspect, this Steroid is very similar to the popular Injectable Steroid Equipoise. Though in reality, it does not act very much like Equipoise. DHB does not aromatize into estrogen, so it is an awesome lean muscle builder.

Gynocomastia is also not an issue with this compound. Since it has a cypionate ester, it should be injected at least once or two times per week and it stacks very well with Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate as a part of a lean bulking cycle.

Some users also report a very noticeable increase in vascularity when using this compound, as well as a rise in body temperature much like Trenbolone. Although Steroids do not directly burn fat, this compound seems to be similar to Trenbolone & Anavar, in the sense that they tend to give the user a much leaner, harder, and drier appearance.



DHB (1-Test Cyp) 100mg/ml, 10ml

DHB, most commonly known as 1-testosterone, is a 5alpha reduced form of the steroid boldenone. This lack of 5alpha reduction with the compound allows users to administer it without suffering the negative side effects associated with this chemical reaction but also eliminates the benefits as well.

Boldenone is not the only steroid that shares similarities with dihydroboldenone. In fact dihydroboldenone is chemically identical to the drug methenolone except for the 1-methylation that is apart of methenolone. 1-methylation was added to methenolone to make it more available when taken orally. Thus dihydroboldenone is not efficiently utilized when administered orally, although it was once sold over the counter in tablet and pill form.


Some of these over the counter preparations of the drug were done utilizing a delivery system similar to Andriol, producing an oil-solubilized product with dihydroboldenone. This would still not be a relatively worthwhile system of delivery to use however if one wanted to maximize the potential of the compound. Intramuscular injection is by far the most efficient method of administration to use as with most anabolic steroids.

Dihydroboldenone, while not overly androgenic, is a potent anabolic. It has been demonstrated that the drug binds extremely well. It is selective to the androgen receptor and stimulates androgen receptor transactivation of dependent reporter genes (2, 3). This equates to a drug that possesses the ability to stimulate significant muscle growth while not producing androgenic side effects. It has been shown to be by far more anabolic than such compounds as boldenone, nandrolone, and even testosterone itself. Obviously this is of great benefit to many athletes.

Side Effects

Anecdotally some users have indicated that post-injection pain with dihydroboldenone can become an issue for some. Diluting the drug with either another injectable drug or some other type of sterile oil seems to alleviate at least some of this discomfort. The type of ester used does not appear to negate this pain for the users that experience it however.


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