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  • MENT (Trestolone Acetate) 50mg/ml, 10ml

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    Trestolone also known as Ment (manufactured by OxygenPharm) is one of the most unique Anabolic Steroids out there. Believe it or not, Trestolone is amongst one of the most potent Injectable Steroids out there, potentially even more potent than the infamous Trenbolone. This potent steroid is actually a 19-nor derivative and many describe it as a cross between Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin. This makes Trestolone the perfect steroid for both bulking and cutting, as it provides impressive muscle and strength gains, without causing much water retention. Though, just because Trestolone does not cause water retention, it should not be confused as a hardening compound. Trestolone does not dry out a user’s joints or cause a drying effect, which is exactly why it is a versatile Steroid that can be used as a part of any cycle. Trestolone is also rapid-acting due to the acetate ester, so users tend to experience the benefits of this compound at a rapid rate.

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