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  • DHB (1-Test Cyp) 100mg/ml, 10ml

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    DHB manufactured by OxygenPharm is an Injectable Steroid known as Dihydroboldenone. From a structural aspect, this Steroid is very similar to the popular Injectable Steroid Equipoise. Though in reality, it does not act very much like Equipoise. DHB does not aromatize into estrogen, so it is an awesome lean muscle builder.

    Gynocomastia is also not an issue with this compound. Since it has a cypionate ester, it should be injected at least once or two times per week and it stacks very well with Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate as a part of a lean bulking cycle.

    Some users also report a very noticeable increase in vascularity when using this compound, as well as a rise in body temperature much like Trenbolone. Although Steroids do not directly burn fat, this compound seems to be similar to Trenbolone & Anavar, in the sense that they tend to give the user a much leaner, harder, and drier appearance.

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